January 1950 a letter was written by a regular serving member of the Force on behalf of two ex-members to the Dominion Headquarters in Calgary, requesting information with respect to forming a Division of the R.C.M. P. Veterans' Association in Halifax, N. S.

Mr. G. E. Blake, the Dominion Secretary-Treasurer replied; forwarding the necessary details and also advised that the Dominion Executive had been reprimanded for dealing with a regular member in this regard.

This response had a damaging effect on any local efforts to form a Division, until the late F.D. Cordwell wrote the Dominion President in February 1955, expressing interest in forming a Veterans' Association in N ova Scotia.

M. F. P. Baxter, the Dominion President replied, suggesting that every effort be made to form our Division offering every possible assistance. In the fall of 1955, P. T. May, the Dominion Secretary, wrote Frank Robertson in Moncton, N. B. suggesting the possible formation ofa Maritime Division. This proposal was deferred pending Frank Robertson's move to Halifax, N. S..

Frank Robertson and Fred Cordwell teamed up, gathering information of formal members of the Force - Land, Marine and Reserves. It was then discovered the New Brunswick were trying to organize their own Division; therefore any plans with respect to the forming of a Maritime Division was discontinued and only the province of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island would be considered.

On March 12, 1956, a formal request was made to the Dominion President, G.E. Blake, to form a Division in Nova Scotia. This was promptly followed by a telegram from the Dominion President authorizing the formation of "H" Division. This was followed within a week by a formal permission letter dated March 20, 1956, bearing the seal of the Association.

An organizational dinner with E.J. Vickery as Chairman, was held in Halifax at the Nova Scotia Hotel, now the Westin Nova Scotian. Sixty-nine ex-members of the Force were in attendance. The following were installed as members of the Executive for the balance of 1956.

President R. W. Irvine, V/President J. D. Prudence, Secretary-Treasurer H. J. Colemen General Executive - J. R. Cooper, M. J. Pelletier, J.E.F. Boulet, N. MacLean, A. Campbell, G. L. Burrows, H. A. Johnson, S.F. Hall.

On December 3, 1959, the Dominion Headquarters forwarded the Charter for Divisions "H" and "L" and requested Frank Robertson, the appointed District representative, to make the presentation on behalf of the Dominion Headquarters.

"H" Division eventually became known as the Halifax Division and officially comprised of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. There was no official Division in Newfoundland, and Halifax Division corresponded with ex-members living in Newfoundland and many joined the Halifax Division.

In 1978 Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland formed there own Divisions. The Halifax Executive and members journeyed to Charlottetown to support and celebrate the forming of the new Prince Edward Island Division.

A slight drop occurred in our membership when these two Divisions were formed. However, during the past three years our membership has steadily increased to 185 members.

In 1980, during the Annual General Meeting in Vancouver, the President of the Victoria Division H. Robbie Robertson, invited either the Halifax or Newfoundland Division to join Victoria Division in becoming a Twin Division. Many members who once served in Nova Scotia are now retired in the Victoria area, thus creating a strong common bond between R.C.M.P. Veterans from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

This Division has come a long way in 50 years and therefore special tribute is paid to Frank Robertson and the late Fred Crodwell, who are considered as our "Fathers of Confederation" and to those original 87 members who qualified for membership on March 20th. 1956.